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We believe that our differences make us great. When creatives of all kinds come together, imagination comes to life. At the core of our diversity and inclusion program is the certainty that your uniqueness unleashes our potential.

Through this lens, we put uncommon sense to work to shake things up, reject business as usual, defy convention, and forge a path to inclusiveness at every opportunity.

Our People: Embody the mosaic of the markets we serve and are empowered to transform the future.

Our Spirit: Nurtures an inclusive and fair culture where every voice is valued and heard.

Our World: Embraces the diversity of thought and strives to do more good, creating a better future for all.


“At a time when the discussion about racial, gender, national, age and gender identity bias is so pronounced, we feel it is important to take an internal and external stand and unambiguously reconfirm our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace. At IFF, we embrace our differences, understand that there is more that connects us than divides us, and appreciate that diversity makes us better and stronger as a company and as a culture. And as good as we are, we must always strive to be better.”

- Andreas Fibig, Chairman & CEO