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Question Everything

There’s always more than meets the senses. Our R&D team explores what exists beyond expected to reveal unique insights that lead to impactful solutions for every customer challenge.

Meet Our Scientific Advisory Board

Led by Dr. Gregory Yep, Executive Vice President, Chief Global Scientific & Sustainability Officer, our scientific advisory board combines multi-disciplinary expertise and diverse external insights to enhance our R&D program, and fuel our innovation strategy.

"Technological advances and discoveries that help differentiate our customers’ products are critical to our success. Our R&D function is the incubator of these innovations and the Scientific Advisory Board provides important and diverse points of view that lead to fantastic solutions for our customers." – Andreas Fibig, IFF Chairman & CEO

What happens when you bring people with diverse backgrounds and Uncommon ideas together? The possibilities are endless.

Driven by our passion for constant exploration, invention and creativity, we constantly seek new partners in the sciences and arts—from chemists to fashion designers, chefs to film-makers, physicians to painters, and everything in between. We infuse our R&D process with all of the insights and inspiration we gain from our unconventional collaborations—it’s how we create unique solutions that redefine what’s possible.