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What if our food choices could
transform the world?

Taste has evolved from a primitive sense that sustains life to a sensorial experience that brings everyday moments to life. It has the power to transport, to comfort, to excite. To continue to captivate, taste has to not only move us, but move with us. As our taste preferences change at a faster pace than ever before, pioneering the tastes of tomorrow will require overcoming the technological limitations of what is known to re-imagine the possibilities of what the taste experience can be.

With an increased focus on sustainable, healthy and ethical food choices, more consumers than ever are choosing to include plant-based protein as part of their diet.

Through the Re-Imagine Protein? Program, we pioneer technologies that support alternative and sustainable food sources without compromising great taste.

The choices that bring food to our table affect the world around us. With increased focus on optimizing health and clean eating, consumers are more mindful than ever before about the meal choices they make. They are demanding recognizable ingredients and increased transparency in their food chain.

Our Re-Imagine Natural Program delivers the natural, organic, and label-friendly IFF Taste Design to address the increased desire for trust, transparency, and a healthier world.

Consumers are increasingly seeking refreshment with natural and authentic citrus tastes. Due to the effects of climate change and disease on citrus crops over the past decade, responding to these demands is increasingly complex. Through the Re-Imagine Citrus? program, we develop natural and sustainable technologies that meet the taste demands of citrus today and prepare for the needs of generations to come.

What if we could deliver authentic culinary experiences that meet the needs of today’s consumers?

Busy lifestyles have limited our time in the kitchen, and with that, our culinary skills. Despite this, consumers have increasingly gourmet expectations for food that is high-quality, fresh, and exotic. Our food must not only fit busy lifestyles, but live up to high expectations.

Our Re-Imagine Culinary? program translates diverse culinary techniques into pioneering technologies that deliver authentic taste without compromising convenience.

What if consumers didn’t have to choose between good taste and good health?

Discover how, through our Re-Imagine Modulation? program, we balance the taste of reduced fat, sugar, and salt recipes to create healthy and delicious taste experiences.

Imagine being able to capture and deliver a perfect moment of extraordinary taste -- every time.

Consumers have an increasing desire for real taste experiences. To satisfy them, we must ensure the entire experience is crafted to exceed their sensorial expectations.

Our Re-Imagine Delivery? Program provides innovative technologies that capture taste at its peak, protect it during processing, storage, and application, and optimize its release to drive consumer preference.

Design Thinking

IFF taste design

We don’t just want to offer solutions. We want to design something extraordinary together.

Your customers’ tastes are unique and so are the needs of your brand. Developing products that appeal to the constantly evolving consumer requires more than standard technologies and tonalities –it takes total Taste Design.

The IFF Taste Design approach combines cross-category technologies crafted by our artisans with our Re-Imagine programs, translating scientific breakthroughs into enriching sensorial experiences for all.

Spark the Senses

Discover your next collaborative experience with IFF Taste Design?