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We retain the true taste, wholesome nutrition, and vibrant color of fresh food in authentic, natural food powders.
We protect the integrity of real food over time with INFIDRI?, a gentle drying technology that simply removes water to extend the shelf life of fresh ingredients.
We conserve the environment by conducting our business with responsible and energy-efficient practices.

At POWDERPURE, we believe in sustaining people, fresh ingredients, and the environment through natural food powders we can share with the world.

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Real food, simplified.

Our business is built on the belief that there is goodness in simplicity. POWDERPURE began in the 1990s when our founders developed INFIDRI?, a gentle infrared drying technology, to simplify produce into a convenient, powdered form.

This patented technology utilizes targeted wavelengths of infrared light that resonate with molecules of water to remove only moisture, retaining the delicate, beneficial compounds in food without the need for fillers or carriers. INFIDRI? extends freshness while keeping our products as close to nature as possible.

Unlike traditional drying methods, INFIDRI? does not rely on intense heat or vacuum pressure to remove water. While these harsh conditions damage fragile nutrient and color compounds, our gentle technology keeps these molecules intact.

Today, we use INFIDRI? in our state-of-the-art facility in The Dalles, Oregon to simplify real food of all kinds into pure powders that sustain the very best nature has to offer.

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Explore POWDERPURE Products

Explore POWDERPURE Products

Powder Pure

Fresh Produce to Pure Powder

POWDERPURE products are created through INFIDRI™, a unique patented infrared drying technology. The process takes real food, and using 100% renewable and clean energy, targets only the water content, leaving the nutrients and other naturally occurring components intact.

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